5 Reasons To Put Your Property on The Market Before Christmas

Christmas is generally a quiet time in the property industry as most buyers wait until the new year to take action on a property. However, there are still ways you can benefit from putting your property on the market during this time and you might even find you get a quick sale.

If you’re ready to sell, here are 5 reasons you should list your property before Christmas.

1. Get fast service from your agent

The new year is a busy time for estate agents as many people decide to sell their home after Christmas in a bid to re-size or re-locate.

If you need a valuation before listing your property, this can take slightly longer in the new year due to there being more sellers putting their properties on the market. Getting your property on the market before Christmas while agents are not as busy means the process will probably be quicker and you don’t have to do anything in the new year.  

2. Beat the competition

Did you know, one of the busiest days of the year on property websites is boxing day with the increase lasting right through to the new year. So, if your house is already on the market before Christmas, more people are likely to see it before the competition has put theirs on the market.

3. Less supply

With fewer homes on the market, there’s less choice for buyers which means keen buyers make quicker decisions to secure a property. In the summer season when there is more choice, buyers will keep looking even if they see a property that ticks most of the boxes.

By listing your property during a quiet period, buyers are more likely to act so that they can secure something.

4. Capture the attention of visitors

Millions of people visit relatives at Christmas time, which may take them to new towns around the country. Many will eye up the property market in these areas checking prices and contemplating moves. This makes Christmas and new year a good window of opportunity for sellers.

5. Capitalise on Christmas

Many workers get Christmas bonuses and will immediately be looking for their next dream home. Additionally, many people will be starting a new job in January that may require a new home in a new location.

You should also take advantage of your decorated home to increase its’ appeal to buyers as a cosy, feel-good home – which is harder to do in the bleak January days.

If you have decided you are ready to move, wasting time debating the ‘best time’ to sell could mean you miss out on the right buyer and your property stays on the market for a long time. Stalling for time can also be costly.

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