10 Tips to Host a Virtual Viewing of your Home


The coronavirus caused a slow down in the housing market in the spring of 2020, however, activity has started to resume and lockdown measures are slowly lifting across the UK.

However, even once all Estate Agents around the country have re-opened, social distancing will likely to be followed for some time.

This means that anyone that wants to sell their home in the near future will more than likely be required to host a virtual viewing of their property.

Here are our top 10 tips for hosting a virtual property viewing…

1. Stage and style your home

De-clutter and make sure your home isn’t too personalised with lots of objects, ornaments and photos so that the buyer can picture themselves living there.

2. Give it a good clean

Even with a virtual viewing, you should make sure your home is clean and tidy so that it looks its best on camera.

3. Give it a lick of paint

Give your home a fresh coat of paint and cover any scuffs and marks. Opt for neutral colours and avoid bold patterns.

4. Fix what’s broken

If your home needs lots of improvements, it may put buyers off. It’s wise to fix the major issues before putting it on the market and doing a virtual viewing.

5. Make sure it’s well lit

A bright, fresh home is a lot more appealing than a dark and dingy one. Get the curtains open and turn on all the lights so that the viewer can see your home at its best.

6. Use good angles

In order to make your home look as spacious as possible, try and get the best angles of each room and showcase 360 degrees of the room.

7. Reduce surrounding noise

Although your agent may opt to add some background music to your video, you should try and keep the surrounding noise to a minimum. Close your windows and ensure appliances are turned off during filming.

8. Make it peaceful

A chaotic video can be distracting to the viewer and prevent them from viewing the property properly. Ensure other family members or pets are in the garden (or out of view).

9. Speak clearly

You don’t have to describe or explain your home, but if you choose to speak on the video, try and keep it clear and to the point; E.g “This is the master bedroom”, not “this is mine and Jeff’s room and we last did it up in 1989”.

10. Take your time

Try not to rush the viewing. You’ll want the viewer to get the best understanding of your home’s layout so take your time on each room.

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