Moving & Selling Your Home During the Coronavirus

Selling your home during the coronavirus

We’re all living through an uncertain time at the moment. And even though we don’t know how long this will last, we’re carrying on as normal at Peter Morgan and are confident we can get through this period.

Here are some common questions and answers if you’re thinking of selling your home or moving to a new one.

Should I still sell my home during the coronavirus?

There are still plenty of people interested in buying a property in South Wales!

Asking prices reached a record high and the level of new sales agreed was up 18% at the beginning of March – the highest level since 2016.

Is it still safe to do viewing with the virus ongoing?

We will still be conducting viewings on properties that are empty and for properties where residents are present, there will be no physical contact with the residents. 

We have also taken extra precautions and asked all clients to inform us if they have been unwell and cancel viewings or appointments where necessary.

What to do if my house is on the market during coronavirus?

You do not have to do anything if your house is on the market. We will continue to market your property as normal. 

However, if you have been unwell please inform us as we will need to re-schedule viewings. 

Can I still move home?

If the property you are moving into is vacant, you are can still continue with your transaction. However, if your new home is currently occupied, the government is asking everyone involved in the transaction to do everything they can to delay the move until after the virus has passed.

If you have not yet exchanged contracts, the government are advising you to delay doing so.

The police have been granted powers to respond to the coronavirus, but there is an exemption for ‘critical’ home moves if a new date cannot be agreed by all parties.

However, if someone in the chain has symptoms of the virus or is self-isolating, the move must be put on hold.

If you have any further questions, contact the team here.

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