SA11 Property Market Review Q.1 2020

2020 has started as I’d hoped with a solid improvement from where we left 2019. With a new Government and a Brexit plan, confidence has returned to the housing market in South Wales. 

We’ve been fortunate enough to have a large selection of readily available properties suitable for rent that attract local investors and people from across the UK and beyond. 

What’s happened though is we’ve seen that confidence return for the buyers and they’ve come to a market where there isn’t much stock to buy. The days of having 8/9% Yields and “I’m buying 20% below BMV” are few and far between. You’ve got to work smarter to find the property deal you want. 

We’re seeing more people than ever become landlords via Ltd companies this year, we’ve adjusted to the requirements of our buyers and welcomed a new Mortgage Specialist to the team who can help with finance quickly to ensure that you get the property deal you want.

I believe that now In the first quarter of 2020 is the time to sell your property. Based on low stock competition levels, high confidence in buyers, ample new mortgage deals available and data from land registry showing capital growth, I genuinely believe you’re likely to get the most for your property than any time in the previous 2+ years. – Jonathan Morgan. Director, Peter Morgan Estate Agents

Here’s our take on the SA11 Property Market. What’s going on, what values have done, what yields you can expect and the typical rental…

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